Patient Advocacy is what our name says:


RESOLVING CLAIMS — Our goal is to compel your insurance carrier to pay your healthcare providers. To achieve this goal, we may need additional information to complete processing of your claim. (In some cases we provide a form to be completed, other situations require that you contact your insurance carrier and provide the information requested.)

— Insurance carriers often bombard you with requests for information. Examples: Coordination of Benefits, Accident Details, Subrogration/Right Of Recovery, Medical History, HPPA statement, and Dependent Custody (to determine which carrier is liable). No matter the type of request, we can help you cut through the red tape and satisfy your carrier’s demands.

DECODING DENIALS— Just because your insurance carrier denies your medical bill, doesn’t mean they are right. Nor that you don’t have options. 57% of the time, insurance make errors in denying a claim. Even on pre-existing condition denials, the insurance carrier can be wrong. It depends on your insurance policy language, and we are here to help you interpret and get through this maze.

— Patient Advocacy can help you resolve other health insurance issues, as well, either pro bono (no cost to you) or for a small fee. In the event your request involves writing a legal/medical appeal, we’ll be glad to assist you and will discuss in advance what our fee will be.

QUESTIONS, MORE INFORMATION? — If you have questions or need help completing a request from your insurance carrier, please call us at 866.728.2380 or email us at and we’ll help — at no charge. You can also send us a question using this form. If you’ve already received a call or correspondence from us about your unresolved insurance issues, again, no charge to you. (Our fee, if any, is paid by your healthcare provider.)


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