What people are saying about Patient Advocacy...

Patient: I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t helped us out. We thought our only course of action was bankruptcy.
— Stephen K.

Patient: How come nobody told us there were people like you out there. We thought we had to accept what the insurance company said — we didn’t know any better.
— Peter M.

Provider: You are truly a unique organization — thorough and efficient — we feel you are an extension of our own staff.
— Sherry B.

Provider: I can’t stop shouting your praises — you’ve made a huge difference in our bottom line. Beyond working accounts we assigned to you, your office provided our staff with a higher skill level enabling us to keep more of our accounts in-house. It didn’t make sense when you said if we (Patient Advocacy) do our job well, we could conceivably work our way out of a job, but you kept your word and we are grateful. We still give you a lot of work, but thanks to your expert training, we are able to do more in-house.
— Ruth D.

Provider: One of the things we most appreciate about your service is you aren’t driven by the dollar, but rather your real passion for helping the Provider and the Patient. You provide immense value for services on which there is no charge.

Insurance Carrier: Enclosed please find our check in the amount of $93,324.45 as payment in full on your claim. The next time you choose to rattle your sabers, we hope you are confronting a different carrier.
— General Counsel

Insurance Carrier: Why are you here in our offices without an appointment? [Because they wouldn’t give Patient Advocacy an appointment and we were tired of their stall tactics.] Just go away and we will process your claim this week. [We left their office that day with a check in hand for $54,457.89.] 


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